Transcription services

Xmerge has a proven framework and quality controlled workflow behind a wide variety of transcription, scribing, and billing services. Our professional and reliable transcription outsourcing services will bring overall improvements to your bottom line profits and save you time. With an accuracy rating of 99 percent or higher, our transcriptionists strive for perfection on any document we produce.

Here are just some of the transcription outsourcing services we offer:

Our easy medical transcription outsourcing solutions will fit right into your physicians or providers workflow. Our communications and IT infrastructures are fully HIPAA-compliant, and we have the ability to build in features such as e-signature and auto-faxing.
Our fast turnaround time of depositions, trials, IMEs, or other legal recordings ensures that your case is not held up while you’re waiting for a transcript. Our dedicated transcriptionists will type and proofread every document before we send it back, guaranteeing 99 percent accuracy or higher.
Our dependable workflow processes ensure the security and confidentiality of your law enforcement reports. Transcription Outsourcing, LLC transcribes interviews, statements, wiretaps, 911 calls, case notes/reports, jail calls and more on a daily basis. Your reports can be customized to your exact specifications, eliminating any formatting work on your end once you receive your transcribed reports.
Have your client meetings, client notes, earnings and conference calls, or other financial documents transcribed to save you time and money. Our financial transcription outsourcing options will help keep your records up to date and available.
Our general transcription services team can transcribe memoirs, lectures, classes, speeches, sermons, interviews, research and more.